Rate limiting - kombu.utils.limits


Token bucket implementation for rate limiting.

class kombu.utils.limits.TokenBucket(fill_rate, capacity=1)[source]

Token Bucket Algorithm.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Token_Bucket Most of this code was stolen from an entry in the ASPN Python Cookbook: http://code.activestate.com/recipes/511490/

Thread safety

This implementation is not thread safe. Access to a TokenBucket instance should occur within the critical section of any multithreaded code.


Return True if the number of tokens can be consumed from the bucket. If they can be consumed, a call will also consume the requested number of tokens from the bucket. Calls will only consume tokens (the number requested) or zero tokens – it will never consume a partial number of tokens.

capacity = 1

Maximum number of tokens in the bucket.


Return the time (in seconds) when a new token is expected to be available. This will not consume any tokens from the bucket.

fill_rate = None

The rate in tokens/second that the bucket will be refilled.

timestamp = None

Timestamp of the last time a token was taken out of the bucket.